The Battle Of The American Civil War Essay

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A Fated Battle It is in human nature to have a different viewpoint from someone else. However, different viewpoints normally leads to a dispute between individuals. Disputes can range from as simple as debating on which football team is better, to more pensive economical and political issues. A prominent example is the American Civil War. The American Civil War is a result of a dispute between the northern and southern states of America. The southern states were intimidated by the northern states gaining more power and they also feared the abolishment of slavery. As a result, the southern states withdrew from the union to establish their own independent confederation known as, the Confederate State of America. These events triggered the War and on April 9, 1865 over six hundred thousand soldiers died in an effort to settle the dispute. It is heart –rending to say, but there is no doubt that this war was unavoidable. The war was inevitable because slavery was a key component to the southern economy; although new technology would arrive, slave labor would still be used. Hence, the southern states would not willfully submit to the abolishment of slavery. And with this said, the methods of resolving these disputes without armed conflict were unsuccessful. The institution of slavery could not be removed by economic means, this is simply because slavery was a fundamental element to the southern economic. The majority of the economy’s wealth was…

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