The Basic Belief Of Black Studies Discipline Essay

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Maninderpal Singh Introduction to African American Studies
Prof. Ayanna N.S. Anderson

The basic belief of black studies discipline was black experience are worthy of intellectual achievement. Black studies is an multidisciplinary field that define culture , characteristics and all kind of issue relate African american people. This field challenges ideology of western culture and definition.African american study interprate a western society as a multicultural rather than focusing on european culture. It has oldest root in history,culture and arts. After long years african american still struggling to get place in academic field for express their real interpretation of their history and contemporary experience in africa and north america. Black studies argues that their contribution to united state is missing from academic material and does not have full explanation..

In 1898 to 1914 The Atlanta University Conferences happened , under the charge of W. E. B. DuBois, pointed the opening of the first scientific study about conditions of black people that covered important condition of life (e.g., health, homes, the question of organization, economic development, higher education, common schools, professionalism).During this time African American study was introducing as formal level in universities and in academic research studies

The purpose of scholars of that period was to counteract the negative representation of blacks in society. This was against the…

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