The Baseball Of New Mexico Essay

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Matthew Moleres
New Mexico History
Major League Baseball in New Mexico

Why is Major League Baseball so significant to New Mexico? From the start to where the association is now and the money it brings into the state, are some of the most important parts of New Mexico’s history and in current day. It brings in revenue to the local businesses and it really gives a chance for some pros to come to New Mexico that are big names. Also it provides a chance for some of the high school baseball players in the state get looked at by some professional scouts. This will prove that baseball helps out our economy and gives the locals a chance to get scouted, or go see a professional game played. Baseball is significant to New Mexico today and years past because of how it originated and where, the revenue and importance it brings to New Mexico, and the future plans of the Isotopes now that they were dropped by the Los Angeles Dodgers. Well first how did baseball even start in New Mexico, who founded it, and where did it originate from in New Mexico. The very first pro baseball team in Albuquerque was founded by W.T. McCreight in the 1880’s. “At first the games were played at the New Mexico State Fairgrounds, in the large oval space inside the Fairgrounds racetrack facing the grandstands” (MLB, 2013). Since the season back east had ender McCreight asked some of those players from back east to play for him at an additional one hundred dollars. That…

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