The Barriers Of Critical Thinking Essay

999 Words Nov 12th, 2016 4 Pages
College professors and teachers continue to make an attempt at teaching critical thinking. While their endeavors to teach the subject provide background knowledge and steps allowing critical thinking to develop, students are still lacking the ability to think critically. This kind of situation conjures up the question “why aren’t students becoming better critical thinker?”
It is often debated among experts that critical thinking can be taught or not. Experts of critical thinking recognize that critical thinking can either be based on intellect and is innate or it can be developed through learning. However, other experts recognized that there is a third variable that prevents experts from developing a solution to the current discourse. This third variable is recognized as the barriers of critical thinking.
The barriers of critical thinking can range from situations such as cultural barriers to the lack of properly teaching critical thinking and lack of practical use. Each barrier is representative of the challenges that academic institutions have faced or failed to recognized when they attempt to teach critical thinking. The barriers of critical thinking continue to be prevalent in many academic institutions because they teach critical thinking implicitly rather than explicitly; this means that not as focused within the school course, but may or may not be present. Unless these barriers are completely removed and change critical thinking teaching to an explicit manner, then…

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