Essay on The Autobiography Of Malcolm X

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I grew up in a middle-class family where education was important to my parents, but my mom seemed to encourage me to work more than study. I found myself expressing my emotions through my actions rather than words. When I was passionate about something I believed in, I had so much to say, but so little vocabulary to use. Since I was a young girl I would get frustrated with trying to express myself through my writing because I couldn’t find the right words to use, or even know how to use them correctly. While reading an excerpt from Malcolm x’s autobiography, “The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)” he talks about his struggle with trying to express himself, writing about the teachings of Allah and Islam and Elijah Muhammad. Malcolm X wanted to make a change and he knew he had to be articulate to do so. Another passionate excerpt “Coming into Language,” Jimmy Santiago Baca; Chicano and Apache decent, writes about his struggle with language, and becoming a famous poet, even though he had a rough life living on the streets, and was in and out of prison. These two excerpts relate to my life. The life of once not being articulate, feeling like you have this wall in front of you; the life of wanting to be heard, but no one will listen until you can deliver what you 're passionate about in your writings. While growing up, my siblings and I were able to decide our recreational activities, as long as our homework and chores were done for the day. I could do whatever I wanted, so…

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