Oxford Housing Crisis Analysis

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Portfolio piece 1: Auckland housing crisis (Argument Piece) Statement of Intent: For my first English Portfolio piece, I intend to writing my views on the housing crisis in Auckland. My intended audience for this argument are going to be teenagers mostly around my age (16-18) whom in the future would like to own a home. This essay will argue on the possible difficulties and complications upcoming adults may face while buying a house. I want to argue this to them so they can know the difficulty and complication in buying a home. I will be writing through a perspective in which I will argue how the housing will be evaded and what are the causes of it. I will also acknowledge that there are different arguments and opinions to mine. My essay will have an introduction, at least 3 paragraphs and a conclusion. I will use evidence like statistics, quotations and persuasive language to persuade my readers to my opinion on this topic.

As per a report published on 21st March 2017 by The Telegraph,
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Mbie.govt.nz shows that on average, a house in Auckland has a weekly rent of $517, whereas the average weekly rent in the whole of the South Island is only $317. In Auckland, a minimum funding of $1 million and higher is required to buy a house, whereas, in the South Island, approximately $800,000 is required to buy a house with similar Luxuries.

Affordability can be a huge challenge for many first time homeowners, where the rising consumption levels may hinder with their financial stability, leading them to borrowing loans with high interest rates to afford themselves and their families a home, a shelter. The housing market is on a uprise in regards to the price which is caused by many things. If we don't take action and start to do something about this we ourselves will not be able to afford houses or be in problems on rent. New Zealand needs to grow as a country but the housing prices

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