Great Recession Pros And Cons

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Being a Millennial, I recognize how much of an impact the “Great Recession” has had on my life, especially in regards to adopting homeownership. This essay will be written from the perspective of someone who, because of the “Great Recession” has plain and simply, not been able to afford anything in the ways of homeownership. It is not just about the mortgage crisis, the recession, often has affected every choice someone of my era has had to make in their life thus far. The pros and cons of homeownership for Millennials, factors that could increase or decrease homeownership among my generation and the potential of a collective hesitation and apprehension having hurt us in the long run or are we possibly redefining the “American Dream” will be …show more content…
Myself, I cannot be lumped in to this hesitation category because it is not my choice to hesitate. Since I was old enough to start working, I have wanted to be able to afford to move out of my parent’s home. I just have not been afforded those luxuries that allow that to happen. The Great Recession only greatly hindered me. Essentially, I have more apprehension about the college debt I will soon be taking on, again the home ownership debt is not on my mind at all. I think going back to college at twenty-nine to complete a degree has forced me to redefine the “American Dream”, for myself. I cannot speak for everyone in my generation because I have peers that own homes; I many of my peers completed their degrees many years ago. They are not working to redefine the “American Dream”, they followed the path that many, many follow. College degree, full time job, marriage, house…that just has not been my path. So, back to redefining the American Dream as a collective? I do not think so. I know that I will be redefining the American Dream; I want to become a teacher, stay at home a little longer than planned, save up and live out of an old Jeep Wagoneer in the summer to travel when I am off from teaching. I believe one day I will be able to afford that (the tiny, tiny home Jeep Wagoneer), it’s that interim part of the year that leaves me wondering, where will my roots

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