The Attack On The World Trade Center Essay

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Their name brings fear and terror to people worldwide. To others, a strong sense of patriotism to protect their country. That group’s name is….Daesh; Most commonly known as ISIS. Ever since the attack on the World Trade Center, a resentment has grown stronger for those of middle eastern origin. Terrorist group ISIS has been a growing threat to the people of Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Syria. with Daesh’s recent attack on Paris, it has widely grown fame. Great anger has come from neighboring nations and the U.S. of A., so why is it that people join Daesh? People joining terrorist groups like ISIS do this because of how Daesh creates a media based influence, an intense devotion to the islamic belief, division of nation and people, alongside some effects of living in a middle eastern home.

One of the most popular methods ISIS uses for spreading on the media are beheadings. The fear and anger that ensues from video after video of journalists or soldiers being beheaded is an example of how terrorists groups can be, and how this group is skillful in publicizing its vicious activities. This causes a mix of emotions such as fear and anger which will later be addressed on how they are connected. What can be analyzed is that ISIS is showing off what they can do, displaying their supposed strength in a form of terror. A different method not as known is the use of regular TV broadcasting. Part of the Islamic Culture today holds thousands of newspapers and TV channels of Islamists…

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