The Attack Of The United States Essay

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Many have made posters, signs and petition to save our troops in Iraq. In 2003, many

soldiers went over to Iraq to avenge what happen in 2001 when terrorist came to America and

knocked down the twin towers in New York. This war lasted until 2011, when Obama pulled the

troops after finding and killing Osama Bin Laden, the leader that lead the suicide mission. In

today’s current events, Obama has to make a decision on how to handle Iraq again after only 3

years of pulling the troops. Many in America feel like it would be best to send an airstrike or do

something other than send our troops over to Iraq again. On the CNN website it’s stated, “The

Obama administration likely will succumb to growing pressure to "do something" kinetic and

dramatic in Iraq, and when it does, it will most likely be air and missile strikes against ISIS

targets. This could relieve the political pressure on the President. His critics continue to blame

him for abdicating U.S. leadership in Syria and in Iraq, which now faces the advancing extremist

militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)” (Miller, Aaron 2014). Something as simple

as answering the political mail in Washington because is not the same thing as dealing with the

issues that have led to this crisis. The Obama administration needs to do what is necessary to

keep the soldiers out of Iraq. And President Barack Obama should not have been pulled into an actual

Iraq war.…

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