The Attack Of The United States Essay

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The Event March 1, 2016 in the city of Jaffa in Israel an American tourist was stabbed to death and was only one of the three bloody terror attacks that happened that day. Another 10 Israelis were have said to have been stabbed in the city of Jaffa as well. Vice president Joe Biden had arrived shortly before the attacks in Tel Aviv a city approximately 14 min from Jaffa. “A BBC reporter tweeted that Biden was a few hundred meters from the attack.” (FoxNews, 2016) This has been just one incident of many that has rocked Israel heavily since October. Israel has experienced a wave of violence “Palestinian attackers shot and stabbed a dozen policemen and civilians in separate assaults around Israel, continuing near-daily incidents… and have left more than 200 Israelis and Palestinians dead. Two Israeli police officers and 10 civilians were wounded in the attacks and three Palestinian attackers were killed.” (FoxNews, 2016) The media has been claiming that as two things either a “third intifada” or a “knife intifada” and it was only the latest in a wave of Palestinian attacks that have killed 28 Israelis, mostly in shootings, stabbings and assaults with cars. Palestine claims the events are caused by them being tired of Israel’s rule over them while Israel claims “it’s due to campaign of Palestinian lies and incitement that is compounded on social media sites that glorify attacks.” (FoxNews, 2016)
Media Impact & Coverage Media receives the attention of the public that is vital…

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