The Atonement Of Atonement And Atonement Essay

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Thesis Statement
With there being many theories regarding the atonement, it not just one theory that can best explain the atonement; yet it is a more unified theory that most concisely and effectively explains the atoning work of Christ on the cross.
There are an overwhelming number of theories taking place in scholarly circles regarding the atonement. For every paper or article written on a specific theory, there is at least one that argues against it. It is the student 's position that the majority of most commonly held theories hold some truth, but that it is a more unified theory that can best explain and comprehensively describe such a complex doctrine as the atonement. The student will analyze the main theories of atonement and then provide evidence as to how a more unified theory best explains atonement through Christ.
Necessity of the Atonement Before a discussion on the theories of atonement can be had, it is necessary to first have a discussion regarding the necessity and nature of the atonement. Why is it such a debated topic in scholarly circles? The answer to this question simply put is because it is at the very heart of the Christian Worldview and to Christian faith. Without the act of atonement, the very premise of Christianity would fall apart. Before we continue on, further discussion on this topic must be had. If one was to read through the Old Testament they would see a constant desire and effort on the part of God to reconcile with His…

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