The Atomic Bomb On Japan Essay

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World War Two was a terrible time in the United States. Many tough decisions had to be made that would be best for the whole country. President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan may have been one of the hardest decisions that a president has ever had to make.
In 1945, during World War Two, Americans were growing unquestionably exhausted by the war. World War Two seemed like it would never end, and Japan would not surrender. Most American lives were centered around what was happening in the war. It was not clear to anyone when the war would be coming to an end. It is stated that “American soldiers and civilians were weary from four years of war, yet the Japanese military was refusing to give up their fight.” (“The Decision to Drop the Bomb,” n.d.). In addition, the United States was losing countless soldiers. Conventional bombing did not appear to be being very affective in ending the war. To end the war, something would have to be done. President Truman would be faced with a difficult decision to be made in an attempt to prevent more American lives from being lost. This article notes that “in these most bloody conflicts the United States had sustained more than 75,000 casualties.” (Atomic Bomb,” n.d.). A decision had to be made to bring American suffering to an end.
American soldiers and civilians were ready for World War Two to come to an end. With as many lives that had been lost, Americans were waiting for the end to be in sight. President Truman had…

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