Essay on The Atlantic Eyrie Lodge Is An Exceptional Year

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This past 2016 season at The Atlantic Eyrie Lodge was an exceptional year! Profitability this past season was above the last eight years, bringing in profits of over 1.25 million dollars. With this exceptional staff returning for the 2017 season, we feel profits of 1.5 million for the 2017 season is within reach. We had more “Full House” nights in October of 2016, than we did in the entire season of 2015. Our goal for the 2017 season will be to average one “Full House” every week of the season, for a total of 26 “Full House” nights. Our second goal is to make the Atlantic Eyrie Lodge a destination, not just a place to stay. Plus, our number one goal as always, is making guests feel welcome and going above and beyond their expectations.
The location of the Lodge has a long-standing history within the Bar Harbor area with an excellent view of the harbor that also faces east to view the extraordinary sunrise. We will be capitalizing on this when targeting the middle-class families and guests with pets, in hopes of them become returning guests. Along with the promoting our family and pet friendly environment. Our marketing plan will include making our guests feel as if we are more than just a Lodge but a destination. Our guests will have the personal service they expect at a resort, but at a hotel rate.
We will have a $50,000 marketing budget for the 2017 season. This plan will outline the areas in which the funds will be spent and how they will be spent. Some of the funds…

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