The At The Bayou City Event Center Essay

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I went to the Pilipino Street Festival on October 29th, 2016 at the Bayou City Event Center. I must say that I was totally surprised to see so many people; the place was packed. There was a good environment, music, dance performances, and beauty pageants. Although, I did not feel familiarized at first, I could see that there were people from different cultures and not just Filipinos’ that helped me not to feel constrained. The queue to buy the tickets was quite long. When I arrived to the Bayou Center, I decided to walk a little and take a look at the tents, because there were about twenty of them; in each carp they were offering different products and foods. Seeing people in so many carps offering different products and accessories I connotatively considered the festival as a bazaar. While I was walking, there was a stage where the corresponding activities were being carried out. Around the stage there were tables where the people enjoyed the show while they savored the different plates and drinks.
While I was on the line waiting to buy my ticket, I could hear that on the stage they were talking a little about the history of the language spoken in the Filipino culture. There are many languages that prevail in the Philippines, although not all are considered official in their country. Filipino is the first official language of the Philippines, a language based on the Tagalo, and although sometimes both names are used as synonyms, there are differences between both languages.…

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