Essay The At Centennial Park School

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My twenty hours of observing the daily routine for approximately two weeks at Centennial Park School altered my initial perceptions and assumptions of how students with special education needs are educated in the schooling system. Centennial Park School was like a sanctuary to the students as differences were accepted and students felt that they could voice their opinions during daily discussion sessions. The school was similar to a short term ‘shelter’ where students were provided with intensive personalized programs and support in order to transition back to mainstream schools. Because I had never been in contact with people with special education needs before, I was slightly apprehensive on the first day and it was easily reflected in my attitudes towards the students, as I tend to shun away from the students that looked aggressive. However, on the last day of my field placement, I felt that these students that I have been in contact with are no different from the students in local government school, as at the end of the day, everyone desires for tender love and care.

Centennial Park School differs from the school placement I undertook last year as the structure of the lessons at Centennial Park Public School varied according to the attitudes of the students on the day. On the four days that I attended, I observed various classroom activities supported by the three full time teachers. The younger grades (Year 7 & 8) completed worksheets or lesson designed by the school…

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