Compulsory Education Reform

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I agree overall with Spring’s constitutional provisions to help increase the chances for achieving global education goals. The provision I most appreciated was Spring stating that “everyone has the duty as well as the right to receive an education.” (Spring, 2001 p. 158). Therefore, I think to specifically include the word ‘duty’ in this provision creates some accountability. This eliminates the mentality that it is up to everyone else to provide an education for special needs students, and places accountability on the families and the students themselves. Thus, I think these changes will have a positive and a necessary approach. The amendments that we propose are as follows:
The first amendment is about family involvement in children 's education,
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If they miss more than the allotted, there are criminal charges that may be prosecuted by the state. This is most often referred to as a Compulsory Education law. This law needs to be amended because it makes the state, school, and teachers much more responsible for children 's education instead of the parents. “Despite affirming the primacy of parental stewardship over a child, the state mandates that ‘the parent of a school-age minor shall enroll and send the school-age minor to a public or regularly established private school”’ (Boyack, 2013). However, home schooling is also an option, but it is restricted heavily. Students must still learn from the same curriculum that is being taught in public schools. The Council for Exceptional Children Ethical Principles does not even include any kind of attendance requirement, and gives parents full control of their children’s education. One law states that CEC, “Actively seek and use the knowledge of parents and individuals with exceptionalities when planning, conducting, and evaluating special education services and empower them as partners in the educational process”(Special Education Professional Ethical Principles and Practice Standards.). It allows the parents to decide where their student (Boyack, 2013). Thus, I suggest the following amendment to the Compulsory …show more content…
By leaving a child in a special education classroom all day, teachers are minimizing what that student can learn. Integration not only helps the students’ academically, but also helps with social skills among their own age. One of the main issues that children with disabilities have been a lack of social skills. This makes it hard for them to make friends and communicate. By putting them in classrooms with peers their own age, they will learn to communicate and make new friends. It is important to pull out a student from time to time to receive the other important services the school offers that will help them be successful within the classroom; however, inclusion within a normal educational setting is very

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