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The requirements put forth by No Child Left Behind “all but mandate the use of a co-taught delivery model” (Walsh, 2012, p. 33) and “make inclusive instruction and co-teaching …necessary, especially at the secondary level,” (Shippen et al., p. 42) in providing academic instruction to students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Beyond the legal requirements that make inclusion education necessary, Kaufman and King (2011) explain that the social aspects of learning affect the “motivation, self-esteem, and… academic success of students with disabilities” (p. 52) and that “When students believe they are accepted… they are more likely to exert increased effort to achieve academically…” (p. 56).
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When administrators collaborate with staff, they have a better understanding of teachers’ and students’ needs and are able to support them in their efforts. Leko and Brownell (2009) cite research that indicates that when educators “participate in collaborative P[rofessional] D[evelopment] efforts,” their students “make stronger… gains…” (p. 69). Collaboration can be defined as two or more people working together toward a common goal. In the special education setting, the goal is a free and appropriate education that is provided in the least restrictive environment for each student whose education is directed by an individual education program, and service providers work together to do what is best for the student (Lingo, Barton-Arwood, & Jolivette, 2011). The ultimate desired outcome is that “collaboration leads to improved student academic achievement” (Lingo, Barton-Arwood, & Jolivette, 2011, p. 6). Moore (2009) emphasizes that a collaborative environment is entrenched in a strong organizational culture that shares “beliefs, expectations, and values for individuals within a school” (p. 14) and that such a culture is “extremely advantageous in promoting least restrictive environment and effective teaching practices” (p.

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