The Assessment Of English Language Learners Essays

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1. The name of the assessment was originally an acronym for the states that were originally included in the assessment, which were “Wisconsin (WI), Delaware(D), and Arkansas(A)”, but Arkansas “dropped out”, so it later became the “World-class Instructional Design and Assessment”. Now it is just known by “WIDA” (Mission & the WIDA Story). The WIDA is only given in English, I could not find any information about the assessment being done in any other language, which I believe is because the assessment is testing English proficiency. The “Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is an assessment of English language proficiency for English language learners who have significant cognitive disabilities” (Alternate ACCESS for ELLs). For the assessment “WIDA Consortium” is the publisher of the test materials.
2. The WIDA ACCESS to ELL’s purpose is most to the test the students English proficiency, but it is also “designed as a curriculum and instruction planning tool and also serve as the basis for formative and large-scale assessment” (WIDA ELP). On the WIDA store, the starter pack consists of a book titled “ ELP Standards and Resource Guide, 2007 Edition” This is a book that lists the standards and other important materials needed for the WIDA assessment. The starter pack also includes the 2012 Amplification of the ELD Standards “It includes new specific examples as well as connections to the Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards” (Amplification of..). The starter…

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