Essay on The Assassination Of Julius Caesar

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Gaius Julius Caesar was born in the year 100 BC, into a family desperate for honor and a political era determined to discourage success in young men. His ambition and alliances thrust him into politics at an early age and at the height of a civil war. Using this first exposure to the political field Caesar gained prestige and a reputation which ultimately led to him passing reforms for the people, attaining consulship, and later gaining the position of dictator over the Republic. On March 15th 44 BC Julius Caesar was betrayed by many of his close friends, and previous enemies turned allies and killed. His assassination had been an act committed in order for its perpetrators to retain their unjust status quo and secure their political and social positions and so called liberty to which they held and therefore, not justified as they had claimed. Caesar had been given many signs leading up to his assassination that something terrible would befall him, several bad omens including one of the cows he had sacrificed did not have a heart, a soothsayer approached him telling him to beware the ides of March, and the very morning of his death his wife had warned him not to go to the senate because of a dream she had had. But Caesar went anyway because he did not wish to live in fear, to him the best death was unexpected. So on the morning of March 15th, 44 BC Caesar entered the senate house, only to be betrayed by sixty conspirators, some enemies who had accepted pardon, but most had…

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