How To Change Greenhouse Gases Essay

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Predicting surface temperature is nearly impossible. If it were possible to change greenhouse gases, it would be simple to calculate change in our temperature. If you were to change a single greenhouse gas, it would have an effect in other components. Efforts to change the system are known as “feedbacks”. Water is the most important and uncertain. Usually molecules remain in our atmosphere for hundreds of years, but water molecules only remain in the atmosphere for a few weeks. It is constantly recycled through the atmosphere, land surface, and oceans. Water vapor is controlled by temperature and physical processes in the clouds. Both water vapor and clouds are the most important greenhouse substances. On page 26-27, it is said “Clouds affect …show more content…
Our earth is getting much warmer because too much carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere due to human activity. The temperature is predicted to go up if people don’t make an effort to make a change. Temperature of our earth has already gone up 1.5 degrees since the early 20th century. Measurements were first taken in 1860, and it is shown that our earth’s temperature today is the warmest it has ever been. Human factors from 7 billion people on this earth end up adding up and contributing to climate change. Our earth is more vulnerable than people realize it is. Burning of fossil fuels has led to a huge increase in the emission of carbon dioxide. This has resulted in a tremendous change in temperature in the atmosphere. Humans are the ones who invented cars, technology, factories, and many more other mechanics. All these gases that are added into our atmosphere play an important role in contributing towards global warming. This all results in major change in weather which can affect many things for us humans. Humans need to make a change and effort in reducing our usage of mechanics. Scientists have warned people of the dangers of pollution and how human activity is the reason for global warming. What does and doesn’t happen within the next forty or so years all depends on our actions or inactions. Reducing emission will help powerfully. It would make a huge difference and would have nothing but positive results on our weather and

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