The As A Myth And Legend Essay

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The ‘Stab in the Back’- or Die Dolchstoßlegende- was a notion that was attributed to Germany’s defeat in World War 1. This notion, also regarded as a myth and legend, implied that Germany did not truly lose World War 1, but rather it was betrayed by domestic enemies. The notion focused in on the civilians within Germany’s own borders and was popular among Germany’s right- wing nationalists in Weimar Germany immediately after the First World War. These right- wing Germans thought of these civilians, and more specifically Weimar politicians, as traitors to their country as they had “stabbed” the German military “in the back” due to lack of support and the signing of the Armistice in November of 1918. These strong conspiracies that stated that war efforts had been defeated by internal forces within the country added to the rapid growth of post-World War 1 political movements within Germany.
These post- war political movements continued to develop, some of which were under the idea of “stab-in-the-back”. Allegedly, the Imperial Army and the nation as a whole were stabbed in the back by Jews, Marxists, and Republicans who would later seize power of the country, overthrow and revolt against the monarchy, and the install the Weimar Republic- making what was thought to be an almost positive victory into a defeat instead. Die Dolchstoßlegende was put forth by General Erich Ludendorff and quickly embraced by the General Staff who wanted to rid themselves of blame for losing the First…

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