The Articles Of The Constitution Essay

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The Articles of the Confederation was a turning point in United States history. Delegates had a meeting to discuss the Articles of Confederation since the state constitutions were drafted. They were then sent to the states for ratification after the state constitutions were drafted, Virginia was the first to validate the Articles. The Articles of Confederation made sure the United States wasn 't known as a nation but instead a league of friendship. The Articles had many key features making it stand out. It made sure there wasn 't a central power controlling everything, instead of what the Constitution ratified in 1788. The Articles also settled a new system called Congress of the Confederation which had every state holding one vote and the state legislatures selected members to be part of it. While this was active the leader of Congress was the informal leader since there was no office of president. States were able to impose taxes from the citizens since there was money being used to control the central government. With this decision Congress could declare war but without being able to lift an army. With the new addition of the Articles of Confederation many groups supported and opposed them. Most American revolutionary leaders thought the central government didn 't have enough power with the Articles. The notable people who opposed the Articles were Washington, Hamilton, and John Adams. Americans wanted more support so the invaded into Canada hoping they could help…

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