The Article ' The Necessary Art Of Persuasion Essay

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The article "The Necessary Art of Persuasion.” written by Jay A. Conger offers a new way forward for providing leadership of people. He recognizes that today’s society has changed its expectation on how teams should function. Today’s team members have an expectation that they should be treated as valuable resources, they should be recognized for the unique perspectives they bring, and be able to have some role in making decisions. The concept of a leader’s role has changed as well, it is not about disciplining the troops, using shame or threats to keep them contributing, quite the opposite. A leader is expected to be inspiring and inclusive. It would seem that in this scenario that the leader’s role as been severely diminished, how are they to provide direction, this is where Jay’s article delivers value.
Persuasive communication is a powerful tool.
Using persuasion as a positive leadership tool requires the most work then all other methods, but it has the ability to get the greatest results. This investment pays dividend well beyond the scope of any one project or policy, it creates a culture that is engaged and more willing to go the extra mile. The positive persuasion that Jay describes is an inspirational one, it is a method that demands honesty, the active participation of all of the stakeholders, and commitment of the leaders to allow the team to assist them in the process. The leader chooses the destination but needs the team to help him navigate the best way…

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