Essay about The Article On The United States ' Bible Belt

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1. In the article Abortion in the United States ' bible belt, the author discusses how religious norms have been transformed in public law and how that has taken away from a woman’s rights. She talks about how religious discourse has been used to advance Christian ideology and morality in this country. The main point of this article is gender equality and how abortion takes away from a woman’s right. In my opinion the target audience for this article is the general public. It covers a lot of topics that can pertain to anyone and she wants to get her point out to as many people as possible. I believe this is a useful article for anyone with a pro-choice view. However, there is a fair amount of bias involved so that does take away from the article a slight margin. In comparison to other sources used in my bibliography it is a much more aggressive approach. I chose this article because it will help me to understand the opposing side of my argument.

2. In the article Red Letter Christians, the author analyzes the pro-life stance and breaks down what they stand for. He talks about how Christians feel on stances such as late term abortions, soul of a human being, the consistency of pro-life, etc. The main point of this article is to show what “red letter Christians” stand for and why they are pro-life. In my opinion the target audience is for a scholarly readership because it is so specific and does not show opinion, but more or less just facts. This is a useful article to…

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