The Article ' On Being An Atheist Essay

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The article H. J. McCloskey wrote, On Being an Atheist, discusses how arguments presented are proof that God does not exist. As I learned from Dr. Foreman’s presentation, Arguments for God’s Existence, there is nothing that can be proven with one-hundred percent certainty. We need not use arguments, but we should use evidence, just as an attorney in building a case against or for an accused. (Foreman, Approaching the Question of God 's Existence n.d.) Evidence sometimes is circumstantial, full of details and pointing indirectly toward the correct conclusion without absolutely proving it. (Merriam-Webster n.d.) This style of evidence building can promote the findings presented so one can come to an intelligent conclusion. Circumstantial evidence also reveals that someone does not have to provide tangible proof of God to demonstrate His existence. McCloskey can use the premise of no tangible proof as well but as a theist his evidence does not stack up to his atheistic argument. McCloskey seems to wrestle with his own evidence because he only argues for the uncaused cause and evil, and he never develops beyond those two points. For me there has to be a cause to create something like the physical law of the conservation of energy. It states that in our universe energy cannot be created out of nothing, neither can it be destroyed. Now what was the origin of the energy in the universe? The only possibility is an act of creation. (Gitt 2012) In McCloskey’s article he believes…

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