The Art Of The Music Essay

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The Art of the Music
Music is powerful, the melody and the sensation of the rhythm transport one to a different world. It can lead a person to dance with joy in any particular place or it can lead a person to fold in the precious knees with sorrow. This is such amazing art, how music has a great impact in people’s life, how this beautiful art can lead into a t tool important for people. The fascinating rhythm and tone of the music is everywhere, is a wave of melodies that draws listeners, into a magical world. Also music is medicine for the soul and the body. Music can affect people’s attitudes, feelings and inspiration. First, the music can affect people’s attitudes. A person can respond positively or negatively towards a certain type of music. For example, loud music can lead people to act with impulsive behavior, also people can have a good attitude after listening to a song a person loves and makes them happy. At hand is no doubt that people’s mood and attitudes are influenced by the melody of the music. Also this is very important owing to the fact that, people with good attitude are active and productive. Music can lift the mood of an individual and lead to a greater quality of life. People can successfully improve undesirable moods and boost swiftly overall happiness with music. Also people who are going through break-ups or having relationship problems prefer music and experiences that reflect the adverse negative mood.
In addition, the music can affect people’s…

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