The Army: The Importance Of Trust In The Army

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Trust is integral to our nation. The freedom’s that exist today for the American people are protected by the men and women of our Armed Forces. To become the dominant fighting force that our nation needed it transformed itself in to a profession. The Army has five essential characteristics that legitimize them as a profession: trust, military expertise, esprit de corps, honorable service, and stewardship of the profession. Those who decide to answer the call to serve our nation in the profession of arms will understand rather quickly why trust is the most important. However, for those that can’t, won’t, or don’t, trust helps to maintain competent talented Soldiers. Trust ensures leaders and Soldiers can successfully participate in mission …show more content…
Environments that do not foster a trusting culture will not retain the best talent for their organization. People, in general, do not stay in stressful environments when the opportunity to work elsewhere arises. Studies have shown that organizations with distrust are more likely to be unproductive, divisive, threatening, and tense. It is important for the Army profession to foster this trust between individuals and teams in order to keep Soldiers from taking their unique talents elsewhere. Additionally, the Army is already a stressful environment so adding distrust could disrupt our organization. The Army needs to maintain a force that is ready for any engagement with the appropriate level of expertise. Without the trust, that creates a productive supportive environment, how can the Army expect to maintain the proper knowledge to be prepared for the challenges America is faced with as the nation’s protectors? Trust maintains those individuals who have perfected their craft to continue winning the nation’s battles. We win our nation’s battles using one distinctive philosophy called Unified Land Operations …show more content…
The Army was established to maintain an expert ground fighting force capable of worldwide deployment to achieve the country’s missions. The way in which the Army tackles the myriad of responsibilities assigned through ULOs is mission command. “Mission command is based on mutual trust and shared understanding and purpose.” If mission command is based on mutual trust, and mission command is the paradigm by which we execute our core mission of ULOs, then it follows that trust is the most important characteristic of the Army profession. Therefore, the Army profession requires this trust to be given and expected of every single

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