Essay on The Arizona Repertory Company Analysis

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For approximately a month at the Tornabene Theatre, the Arizona Repertory Company had been showcasing Hands on Hardbody, a country rock musical about a several people trying to win a truck in a contest. This play’s book was written by Doug Wright, lyrics written by Amanda Green, and music done by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green. Thanks to the collaboration of the production team, the audience was able to experience a grueling contest in Longview, Texas of 1995. Presented by a special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., this play was successful in getting the audience invested in their characters’ lives and the outcome of incredible contest.

Hands on a Hardbody hit on many major ideas that were relevant to the audience as a society. Everything from disability to poverty to racism to religion to mental illness was touched upon. As the contestants struggled to be the last person standing that kept their hand on the truck, their backstories started unraveling and the characters began to exhibit more depth and show that there was more to them than what was seen on the surface. The effects of PTSD on veterans and their loved ones was touched upon when Chris, veteran, sings about his past and how he “doesn’t feel like living any longer” before quitting the contest and running out. Norma uses her faith in God to keep her strength, however, ironically enough it’s her joy in the Lord that causes her hand to leave the surface of that truck. Jesus sings “Born in Laredo” in order…

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