Essay on The Argument Proposed Of Determining Life Exists

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The argument proposed of determining life exists. Thomson sets up a situation where unintended pregnancy occurs due to failed contraception. Thomson examines the conflict that exists to explain when life begins to determine morality. Individuals that see termination as morally righteous constitute their position when the life of the fetus is not considered human. Individuals that see abortion as immoral stand by the fact that life begins at conception and the right of the child is always in effect. In my essay, I will argue Thomson’s claim of situational justification in the case of failed contraception to be used as an acceptable way to challenge morality.
Thomson points out a situation where friction occurs in determining when life begins for a fetus to develop into a human and obtain its human rights. There are two theoretical ideas of how an individual determines when life begins. Some argue that life begins directly at conception after sexual intercourse once the male sperm reaches the female egg. Individuals that are against abortion use this theory to incorporate the fetus’ right to live which overrides the mothers’ rights to choose what to do with her body if she decides to have an abortion. An individual for abortion can argue that a fetus is not considered a human being until at least the 10th week of pregnancy, where at this stage, physical characteristics of human relations begin to unfold such as facial features, arms, and legs.
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