The Argument On The Existence Of God Essays

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. Hawking says that there was a time when everything in the universe were connected to each other and the density of the universe was infinite, which according to the “general theory of relativity…predicts that there” was “a singular point in the universe” [3]. Before big bang, nothing existed. Energy and time were created later. This theory is in coherence with the scientific method. If we invest some thinking to find some evidences that support the existence of god, we can find a few evidences. The Teleological Argument is an argument that supports the evidence of god. Pecorino says that the argument concludes that everything in the universe is a grand design, and there must have been a designer (god) who designed a “complex, united, coherent and ordered” universe [6]. The chance of life originating on a planet is infinitely is small. So, did the god put life on earth? If there was no water on earth, there would have no life on earth. So, did the god put water on the earth to start life? The answer is no. Nothing in this universe is a design, but rather randomness. According to David Hume, “[t]he universe does not exhibit that much order as there are many indications of disorder such as the collision of galaxies, black holes, nova and supernova, cosmic radiation, gamma radiation, meteor impacts, volcanoes, earthquakes. So, the grand design of an ordered universe is not that grand after all. Existence of water and life in earth is not an ordered design, but is just a…

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