The Argument Of The Insanity Plea Essay

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The Insanity Plea is different for each state in the United States; the difference ranges between states accepting and practicing to nonexistence. They can also vary on which type of insanity plea they allow. Indiana currently puts most of the blame on the defendant and does not tolerate the “not guilty by reason of insanity.” However, Indiana does use a form of the Insanity Plea called the Model Panel Code. Most Americans have their own view and opinion of how the Insanity Plea works and sadly some of those opinions are false. The Insanity Plea’s stipulations are stricter than Americans believe; therefore, Indiana should adopt these guidelines.
The Insanity Plea is an enormously broad term. There are rules that branch off of the Insanity Plea without fully accepting it. The M’Naghten Rule is a rule stating the defendant did not know what was right or what was wrong (Insanity Defense 2). This rule could be less broad then sentencing the Insanity Plea, which is why it is more common. They define it as a “disease of mind” (Insanity Defense-Find Law 1). Testing legally was not a common thing however, in the M’Naghten Case, the first test was produced in 1843 (Insanity Defense 2). “Englishman Daniel M’Naghten shot and killed the secretary of the British Prime Minister "believing that the Prime Minister was conspiring against him” (Insanity Defense 2). This is an example of why they say this is a disease in the mind; it alters the way you think. The court fought for the…

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