The Arena Of Psychology : Psychology Essay

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Diversity in Psychology
The arena of psychology is a detailed discipline based on motivation, feelings, reason, and behavior. The field of psychology can divided into various subcomponents with many variations on specialties such as abnormal psychology, the study of deviant behavior, to fields that deal with psychology in the workplace such as industrial and organizational psychology that are concerned with applying psychological techniques and methods in the workplace. Psychology has comprehensive implications for human interaction, as well as, components from other disciplines and sciences. Psychology as a mental science, through its varied distinctions supports and encompasses an assortment of perceptions and perspectives, serving the individuality of the human experience (Shiraev & Levy, 2010). Psychology has evolved from its beginning of philosophical roots into a solid discipline of science and research beginning with the establishment of the first psychological laboratory by German psychologist and researcher, Wilhelm Wundt. Today, the American Psychological Association (APA) lists over fifty different divisions of psychology, which offers a strong indication of the field’s diversity (Hergenhahn & Henley, 2013). The diversity of the field of psychology can also be found by examining the impact on its main concepts. These concepts may be applied to specific areas both inside and outside of the field of psychology, associated with a personal theoretical perspective as…

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