The Application Process For A Scholarship Essay

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Composing about how a rhetorical writing experience was a result of a particular situation was a challenging task for me, simply because I could not think of any time that I intentionally wrote as a consequence to a situation. Fundamentally speaking, I do not consider myself a “writer”. Yes, anyone who writes anything is considered a writer, however, I rarely find myself dedicating my free time to literature. A writer, in my opinion, is someone who constantly expresses their passion for writing itself, and uses it as an outlet of expression toward anything, personal or general. In my case, unless it is social media or a text message, I only write when the action relates to or is required for academic purposes. I found my constraints for this paper to be narrow and limited in the way that I could only refer to assignment-related writing. The most significant thing that I can remember writing about is an essay that was part of the application process for a scholarship. The applicants were tasked to nominate a person as their role model and to elaborate on the stases of that title. The reason that this form of writing was exigent to a personal situation is because the year I wrote it was a challenging year for my family. And in my thinking of a person who is a role model, I couldn’t help but think of the person who held all the pieces together and gave peace in the chaos in that time. That person was my mother. Writing a paper for a scholarship entails a lot of rhetoric. In…

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