The Application Of Robots : How The Progression Of Robotics Advanced Beyond Human Abilities

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The Application of robots:
How the progression of robotics advanced beyond human abilities
Human’s greatest invention is the automotive machine. The creation of the robot is science fiction come true; from the simple assembly line to the in depth future of artificial intelligence, robotics and the rise of a technical future is on the horizon. Humans have separated themselves from the basic instinct of an animal, the way of life has evolved into the quest for discovery and happiness. The concepts of such lives are absent in animals, which divides animal from the modern day human, and these lifestyles are affected by each major turning point in human history. The Bronze Age, the Industrial Revolution, and now with modern technology and the robot, the next age will introduce a new concept of living that will change society. Robotics through the popular industry of production, militia, and the scientific field not only create an efficient environment but also to overall improve human lives. Even the earliest form of robotics had a major impact on the workforce. A fully robotic workforce is a frightening situation for some work industries; anyone would suggest that robots will replace humans, thus creating job loss over time since manufacturing them will become cheaper. Robots vary from “workers” in the assembly line to providing aid in hospitals, so it is safe to say robotics can coexist with the humans in workforce. However, robotics have clear advantages over humans to a…

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