The Anxiety Of A Narrative Essay

1327 Words Dec 9th, 2015 6 Pages
“The Trouble With Thoughts Related to Squirrels” in my opinion, demonstrated it’s engendered requirements for a narrative essay. Ethos, was used in the organization of events that are related to my experience with Attention Deficit Disorder, laying out sequentially and with clarity events that were pertinent to my disorder. For instance, how I experienced the testing to determine whether or not I had the disorder “Just you on a chair and the computer on a small desk the low hum of the fluorescent lights above the only noise.” A Simple description, enough to let the reader visualize what I was seeing. Continuing my focus on the narrative essay, which underwent a metamorphosis of the idea behind what I would be writing about. First the brainstorming, topic ideation is the toughest part for me as I tend to skip from one idea to the next, and settle when I feel I cannot take any more time thinking instead of writing. I prefer the process of just writing on a page without stopping and then going back over the wall of text and choosing what can actually stay and then restructuring it into a more cohesive word flow. This also leads to issues because of the word count, if I go over how can I keep all of what I want to talk about? “My main concern is the nozzle pertaining to word count. I know I could write forever and never touch on a final conclusion.” I have to keep hacking away at the writing until I find an agreeable ending. My peer review was like the emperor 's new clothes…

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