Stephanie Modicoso Reflection

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I am Stephanie Moscoso and as a writer I tend to summarize too much, sometimes a little too much. In my paper Two Kinds I summarized so much that even my quotes would summarize what I just said. Throughout my journey as a writer I have gotten the chance to see that I love writing, but sometimes it could be difficult for me to express my self, so I ramble on. This semester one of the most difficult essays that I had to do was about the story “Two Kinds”. Usually I am really good in brainstorming, but this specific essay was not as easy for me because we had to look at it through a critical lens and analyze the story well. Analyzing is one of the skills that I lacked coming into 106 because instead of analyzing I would just summarize. That …show more content…
I looked at my paper as another character not as Stephanie Moscoso because Stephanie would not change her papers. My portfolio process was similar to the process of how I developed my essay for Two Kinds. I decided to be an author and judge myself not too harsh though because that is never good, but well enough to fix my paper. I wrote all my problems down and looked at my goals for the semester, and one of them was analyzing better, so that is what I did. I used my goals for inspiration to fix my paper and also the notes of my typical problems to help me. This writing process was strange to me because I had to pin point everything that I am not too good at and write it xeon to myself and then fix it in my portfolio. It was almost as if I was writing little hate notes to myself because my note should say “your bad and analyzing” “you summarize too much” but that all inspired me to create the portfolio that I now hand to you professor. My journey defiantly does not stop here. I will use these new skills to help me progress in my future papers and now I leave this class with an understanding of what it is to be a good writer. Since I want to become a future teacher I know that these skills will come in handy when I go and apply to the teacher ed program and honestly I fell prepared. All in all, this journey does not come to end I know I have yet things to fix in my writing, but I have definitely become a better writer since

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