The And Treatment Programs Within The Criminal Justice System

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There have been various failed and accepted rehabilitative and treatment programs within the criminal justice system. Although the main purpose within the criminal justice system is to provide protection to the innocent and delivering justice, officials must also rehabilitate those who have wronged. Treating offenders with humanity and giving them the opportunities to right their wrongs will help their futures as reentered civilians. Some highly influential programs are work release programs, sex offender management programs, and shock incarceration programs. Work release programs are great ways for offenders to slowly reenter into society and be reminded how to be a responsible and independent employee. Sex offender management programs, also known as SOMP, help treat sex offenders and help minimize their risk to sexually re-offense. Shock incarceration programs are also known as boot camps in the criminal justice system. Adults and juveniles may be considered to participate in shock incarceration programs across the United States. Work release programs have been in effect since 1957 when North Carolina implemented the United States’ first program (Berk 2007). Work release programs include inmates who are nearing the end of their sentence and allow the inmate to hold regular jobs among the average population (Berk 2007). There are many positives to work release programs. The inmates can return home with additional savings and a job in full swing, instead of “gate money”.…

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