Essay on The And Transformation Of The American Literary Canon

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Literary Canon

The literary Canon should not be abolished, but simply modified and modernized to suit the changes that have occurred in the world. The Canon was usually associated with the literary work of white Europeans, but after the 1980s changes occurred as the work of African Americans and women became more stage centered sparking a debate about the canon. The core of the canon comes from the literary works of the 19th century and that core should remain constant as the foundation, but it should be more flexible and open to the new ideas of the 20th and 21st century. The work of the minorities must be added to provide much more variety. The theory of a [open canon] by Sakara Bubikova in her article “The Formation and Transformation of the American Literary Canon” is probably the right way to move because American Literature now includes the work of minorities and rightly so, lest we forget America is known for its multiculturalism and to fill all Americans in pride it should contain the work of all Americans of all ethnicities and religions as Sakra Bublkovas quoted Brander Matthews declaration, professor of English at the Columbia University, Messemer 2000: 194 in her article “The Formation and Transformation of the American Literary Canon” “English literature is the record of the thoughts and the feeling and the acts of the great English-speaking race.” How a person looks or what he believes should not determine if his work should be recognized or not, any…

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