Essay on The And The Ring Of Recollection

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When female characters feature in ancient literature, they often reflect certain social values of the females and emphasize the importance of gender role. In the play, “Sakuntala and the Ring of Recollection”, by Kalidasa, tells about an Indian romantic love story that while hunting in the forest, king Dushyanta encounters and falls in love with his destined mate, Shakuntala, an young female ascetic who live in the hermitage. Likewise, in Virgil’s epic poem “The Aeneid”, Aeneas, the Trojan hero who is destined to be the founder Rome encounters with Dido, the queen of the city Carthage on his journey to Italy. According to the story, Shakuntala is a naive and innocent female character who demands protection from male character. Unlike Shakuntala, Dido is a powerful, confident and independent woman who is capable to rule a city on her own. Dido materially offers help for Aeneas and his people, which comforts Aeneas’ anxiety of losing his homeland mentally. The setting of the two female characters shows some opposite traits of women, however, despite their different characteristics, which represents certain social values, Shakuntala and Dido overlaps in term of emphasizing the importance of fulfilling the duties that bounded to gender role.
The character Shakuntala represents a stereotype of female in the ancient society. In the play, the symbol of the deer is understood by the audience that represents Shakuntala. She shares traits that a deer has --harmfulness, innocent,…

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