Penelope And The Suitors Analysis

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Haley Morgan
Pre-AP English 9
Mrs. Jackson
23 Feb. 2018
Penelope the Patient
Greek Mythology has had a profound impact on the world of literature and art. Tales such as The Odyssey are created to teach moral lessons. For example the story of The Odyssey was developed as a tale of loyalty to one's significant other. Penelope’s husband leaves for war and is not seen again for twenty years. Eventually suitors tried to win her heart so that they may become king.The suitors are constantly offering her gifts and such but she remains faithful to her husband whom everyone believes is dead. Taking over the king's duties, raising a son, and being swarmed everyday by men, the people call Odysseus brave not her. John William Waterhouse and poet Dorothy Parker characterize devotion to one’s partner. Both Penelope and the Suitors by John Waterhouse and ‘Penelope’ use the myth of Odysseus’ return to show that you should stay true to your other.

Thesis: Both Penelope and the Suitors by John William Waterhouse and
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The tone of the poem can be described as patient and sarcastic. In the poem it depicts the male is out on the sea and the women is at home doing all all the things to keep the kingdom in order. In the last line the tone shifts into sarcasm where she is expressing that the people call the man brave yet she is the one keeping them running smoothly. Supporting the theme are the words “I shall… rise… brew… …show more content…
The mood in the painting can be described with devotion. Even though Penelope has waited 20 years of Odysseus’ return while tempting suitors constantly suffocate her, she persists on staying loyal. Details such as Penelope doing tapestry with her back turned to these men, the suitors offering gifts and temptation, and Penelope keeping everything in order while this chaos continues supports this

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