The And The New Testament Essay

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[The] church is never defined in the New Testament. Rather, it is pictured by dozens and dozens of metaphors. One author counts 96 different ones, but there are probably even more than that. The church, for instance, is ekklesia. An ekklesia is a political assembly, something which you cannot say "is" in the way we normally think of. The ekklesia doesn 't "is"; it happens. An ekklesia is like a "picnic." Picnics "happen." And you aren 't a member of a picnic, you are either there or not.
The church is not just ekklesia, though. It is also a body, a nation, a net, and many other things…. Many renewal movements, at least, have focused on the biblical metaphor-the body….. [They] have come to rely on the body metaphor for a number of reasons. One is that they are, more or less consciously, returning to the New Testament for nourishment. And in the New Testament, the body metaphor is obvious. Paul, for example, has spun out the body metaphor at greater length than any other. He is more specific than Jesus and certainly more fully developed than the little snatches of priesthood imagery we get here and there.
The body metaphor also pictures the church as having a variety of interdependent roles. As renewal movements have moved away from a one-dimensional concentration on the pastor or priest as the sole actor in the church, the body metaphor has been very helpful. Hence, we concentrate on it…
Other images, however, can rise to fill the need. Though renewal movements have tended…

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