The And The Holocaust Essay

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Genocides have been present throughout history from the Roman destruction of Carthage in 146 BCE and the Athenian massacre in 416 BCE (Mulligan) to the Rwandan genocide and Darfur. The only difference between genocides in the ancient world and today is the methods used to carry them out. Much of the technology we have changed how propaganda and basic principles are carried out; even just from 1941 to today technology has advanced tremendously. Although there are many differences between them, ISIS and the holocaust are similar because both use modern propaganda, religious persecution, and fear to try to control large areas. Every advertisement we see is propaganda for something, whether it be a product, service, person, or group. The propaganda supporting the Nazi party included cartoons, news articles, books, street signs, public rallies, and movies. Triumph of the Will produced by Leni Riefenstahl, was an innovative and persuasive film that showed the power of the Nazi party; and is also used as a piece to learn from when studying effective propaganda (Glennon 256). Signs that went around countries controlled by the Nazi party saying things such as “No Jews or dogs allowed”, were all in favor of the Nazi party and the annihilation of the Jewish people. Children’s books were written such as DER GIFTPILZ which translates to “The Poisonous Mushroom” were anti-Jewish and used to make children believe that being Jewish was wrong. The Eternal Jew, a film made in 1940 directed…

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