The Rise Of The Nazis In The 20th Century

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In the 20th century, a fascist group called the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was also known as the Nazis, had emerged. The party was run by the Austrian, Adolf Hitler, who is credited with starting the party with his novel Mein Kampf (Neel). The Nazis were characterized by intense nationalism (Neel).The Nazis had emerged from pre existing groups and had built from the existing disillusion from the German loss in World War I (Neel). Nazis were anti semitic and used Jews as scapegoats for losing the war (Neel). Hitler had a distaste for “inferior people”, which were those who were not of the “Aryan” race (Neel). In the 21st century a new group has come. They are The Islamic State or ISIS(Do). ISIS is a terrorist organization. …show more content…
Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazis had written the Mein Kampf which he had advocated to spread propaganda to spread the ideas of National Socialism, which included racism, antisemitism, and anti-Bolshevism (Nazi Propaganda). Hitler had used Josef Goebbels as his minister of propaganda (How Did The Nazis Use Propaganda?). He started using simple slogans and images repeatedly to gain the support of the people (How Did The Nazis Use Propaganda?) Germans were reminded of the struggles against foreign enemies and Jewish subversion (Nazi Propaganda). Propaganda had created an atmosphere tolerant of violence towards Jews. (Nazi Propaganda). Goebbels had began to set up large military rallies once the Nazis rose to power (How Did The Nazis Use Propaganda?). Goebbels also had control of mass media (How Did The Nazis Use Propaganda?). Hitler’s speeches were broadcasted throughout the country. (How Did The Nazis Use Propaganda?) Using his own skills of oratory, Hitler was able appeal to the patriotism of the German people. (How Did The Nazis Use …show more content…
ISIS became fluent in social medias such as youtube, twitter, instagram, tumblr, and internet memes. (Rose). This global media operation appears to have two goals; to provoke The United States and their allies, and to recruit people outside of the middle east. (Rose).ISIS has began to refocus attention to appeal young people (Perrucci). Analyst believe that ISIS can appeal to young people’s religious idealism and a desire to escape the frustration of life in the west. (Perrucci).
The Nazis and ISIS used propaganda use propaganda. They do it promote their ideals to the public. ISIS uses Propaganda was used to help recruit others to support the parties goals. Nazis used propaganda to gain support from the people.They both used propaganda to spread their ideals all over.ISIS and Nazis used propaganda use propaganda in order to obtain more power for their parties.
The Nazis and ISIS are similar because they spread their control. In 1942, Germany had controlled most of Europe (German Rule in Occupied Europe). The German army had invaded and occupied many countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, Yugoslavia, Greece, Norway and Western Poland (Which Countries did the Nazis Occupy?). Between 1942 and 1944, Germany had expanded their occupation to southern France, Northern Italy, Slovakia and Hungary. (German Rule in Occupied Europe). Millions of Jews had now lived under German territories. (Which Countries did the Nazis

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