The And Other Mosquito Viruses And Reaching The Finish Line : Ending Hiv / Aids

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Delegation from Represented by
The Republic of Angola Tallahassee Community College
Position Paper for The World Health Organization
The issues for the World Health Organization are: Combating Zika and Other Mosquito Viruses and Reaching the Finish Line: Ending HIV/AIDS. The Republic of Angola recognizes and welcomes the concerns of the issues and their impact to the international community. We believe these issues are of high importance and relate to the goals of the WHO and require our attention in the upcoming events.
I. Resolving Zika and other Mosquito-Borne Viruses
Mosquito-borne viruses have been harming mankind for centuries and have been the cause for death for many people for not just the tropical regions, but also to where it has been spread due to international trade or a person having contracted the virus and spreading it via traveling to unsuspecting countries. The Republic of Angola has suffered from mosquito-borne viruses due being located in a tropical region. In Angola, malaria causes 35% of deaths of children under and causes 5% of all deaths in Angola. Another mosquito-borne virus, “Yellow-Fever”, is contracted when an unsuspecting person is bitten by a primate that has been infected by a mosquito bite. Mosquito-Borne viruses cause over 1 million people to die every year throughout the world (WHO). The Republic of Angola has taken steps to resolve the issue of mosquito-borne viruses within our borders. According the…

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