Essay on The And Of The Media

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A. AG: It’s safe to assume that everyone in this classroom has looked at some form of news at some point in your life, according to an article written by the MintPress News, 60% of information reported by Fox News in 2015 was false.
1. Aaron Blake, a writer for the Washington Post, stated that people only watch reported news that agrees with their political beliefs.
2. Meaning that the majority of news audiences are subjectively one-sided and don’t get both sides of the story, only the point of view they potentially agree with.
3. Corruption is, the abuse of a position of trust for the benefit of yourself, according to Afra Raymond who was featured on TED talks.
4. Nick Hilditch at defines corruption as the process of something, typically a word or expression, that is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as false or debased.
Transition: The type of corruption we will be talking about today is found in the news...
B. Orientation
1. One of the reasons corruption happens in the news is due to the fact that when reporters make stories sound life threatening or extremely relevant to the audience, news ratings improve, because viewers are more likely to feel they could be directly affected.
2. As a result of this, many news networks have begun to manipulate their information to increase ratings and expand their profits.
3. As a consequence, if you do not educate yourself on current events, you will…

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