Essay about The And Long Term Effects Of Divorce

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Writing about the history of divorce is really writing about the death of dreams, goals, and promises. Divorce is second to death in the major upheavals that a family endures. When a divorce happens in a family, the whole system is affected in major ways. The loss is also experienced by extended family, friends, and finances. Divorce is hard to endure without everyone getting stressed out, and it has a tendency to cause division among the people who care about each other the most. Announcing the end of a marriage is difficult, because there is no correct way of doing it, without mountains of misunderstandings to ascend through (Chapple, 2005).
The information in this research paper will give insight on the short-and-long term effects of divorce that family members experience, how it affects the counseling community, and numerous different types of treatment techniques and theories that have been successful in helping counselors facilitate programs for the whole family to help the healing process progress in a shorter amount of time.
History of Divorce
There are five stages in the divorce process. The first three are: decision, announcement and separation. These three cause the most confusion and turmoil; however separation is the most traumatic. Divorce is a painful difficult experience with heartrending, earth-shattering, effects on emotions, finances, children, and extended family relationships (Ahrons, 1993).

The divorce rate in North America has been…

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