Personal Narrative: My Bonus Mom

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The book that I decided on for my diversity book assignment was somewhat challenging to find. During the book hunt, I decided to go to the nearest library. I figured the best place to find an educational diverse book would be at Georgia State University library. When I arrived at the school’s library, I went to go look for children books. Unfortunately, Georgia State University library did not have what I was looking for. After I could not find a book at school, I went to my local library. I search high and low for a diverse book at the library in Snellville. I had a particular book in mind for this assignment. Therefore, I would not settle for a book that I did not want. After an unsuccessful trip at my local library, I decided to look online …show more content…
This book shows readers that people do get divorce. Divorce is not a normal thinking for regular families. Although, nowadays parents get divorce more it is not an ideal family situation. I believe this helps helps children understand that these type of things do happen. Divorce is a heartbreaking thing specially when you don’t understand what is going on. A child imagines their parents will always be together and live happily ever after. But sometimes that is not reality. A lot of people grow apart and cannot get along anymore, therefor they get a divorce. This book can be a useful tool for children who are or are not experiencing their parent’s divorce. Having two moms is not something that is normal. This book can help children understand that they are not losing anyone, they are gaining someone else.
I feel as though it is not similar book as this one. My Bonus Mom took me a long time to find. I went to two libraries before simply searching online for this type of book. Although it is difficult finding a book about divorce, I did discover other books that were about diversity. I am not sure why there is not a lot of book about diverse families or people. I believe that many people may not want their child to know about certain topics. Parents may not buy these type of because it may be too much for children to

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