The And For The African American Community Essay

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congregants and for the African American community (Watson, 2015). Black congregations have aided in assistance with the elderly, helped with schools and colleges, and helped with delinquent or troubled children. Black churches have answered the call to pursue both personal and collective social salvation by increased engagement in social outreach activities or ministries (Watson 2015). For instance, in Mississippi the Black Baptist church congregation demonstrated their call to help others. This church and neighboring churches made their sanctuaries available to Brown Missionary Baptist Church worshippers for services for almost two years (Watson, 2015). This is what church congregations should do when fellow churches or people are in need. Congregations remain the most significant social form of American religion (Chaves, 2008). Not only does inequality exist in the workplace but also it is found in some churches. From past to present, inequality has existed in our churches and within our congregations. It has been and is inequality of gender, race, or socio-economic status to name a few. The Bible tells us in Genesis 1:27 that God created mankind in his own image, God created us all in his likeness. Therefore, it should be understood that equality should exist. Unfortunately, it does not always exist even in the church. When there is inequality, there is injustice. When injustice is seen, it must be addressed so that justice can prevail and there can be equality and…

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