Essay on The And Expansion Of The Muslim And Christian Empire

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rrival and Expansion of the Muslim and Christian Empire
During the first to eight century AD, many new religions came about and shaped the empires, the two major ones being Judaism in the Roman Empire and Worshiping of Idols in
Meccan Empire. Due to this, new monotheistic religions such as Islam and Christianity faced persecution and faced a lot of backlash from the other religions in its early stages However, these two religions prevailed due to their perseverance and determination from their founders and followers. Thus, becoming the two most popular religions in the world today.
Christianity was founded by Jesus of Nazareth during the years of 27-29 AD when he began his career as a teacher and began his first disciplines and preaching to followers. However, this did not last long, Jesus was executed by Pontius Pilates in 30-32AD fearing that he may lead a Jewish Revolt (Hunt 190-191), however Jesus’s had gathered “Apostles” (messengers) that preached Jesus was the messiah and the son of God. Peter was one of the first apostles that won acclaim due to being a miracle worker and being the leader in converting Jews who were interested in Christianity in Rome. A major turning point came in Christianity when Paul of
Tarsus had a spiritual vision on the road to Damascus in Syria, this inspired him to become a follower of Jesus and the Messiah. (Hunt, 191). Paul’s most famous source comes from the
Letter of the Galatians which where Paul set up key principles that came to define…

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