The And Development Of Xyz General Inc. Essay

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Having outlined the problems that are hampering the growth and development of XYZ General Inc., we will now look at step by step solution that can improve the current position of the company. As it relates to the issue of manually entering products information into the system before they placed on the sale floor The company indisputably needs to invest in a technology system that have the capability of capturing item availability and updates POS, since the company’s systems are not currently linked. The age old method of manually keying merchandise information is extremely time consuming and is prone to errors thus making it difficult to obtain to business objective and maximizing sales and ensuring that the right products are readily available to customers upon request. With this in mind, point of sale systems have to be highly equip with the latest sales and inventory detail.

With the growth and development in information systems XYZ General Inc. needs to be on par with consumers shopping habits. The problem of long waiting time can be detrimental to the company as customers can become highly impatient and intolerant. Given that the customer’s last experience is encountered at POS, XYZ needs to ensure that POS systems are up-to-date in terms of speed and accuracy of information. A bad experience at POS can deter customers from returning in the future.
Securing customer confidential information and eliminating theft is of paramount importance to the growth and…

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